The Missing Links


The Family Tree:

San Kazakgascar - 75% of Carquinez also lives here.

Harvester-Brewer also plays with these fellows, another rock band.

Chance the Gardener - Hain and Takushi's old rock unit.

Lookyloos - Takushi's other jangle machine.

Thornucopia - Grattidge and Brewer held down the fort with this late 80s combo.

Blind Illusion - Searle once shreaded for these freaks back in the day.

Dearest, Crown - Our dearest blood brothers in the PDX

My Space - Yes, we've joined the sheep!  Come, say hi.


Tonevendor - Mailorder/Distribution/Store based in Sacramento.

Old Ironsides, True Love Coffeehouse, Capitol Garage, Fox & Goose - Sacto venues

KDVS and KVMR - Excellent community radio in the Sacramento Valley.

Coolasfolk - KDVS specialty show

Omnibus Records - Davis-launched label, now in Sacto - like Lather.

Weird Forest Records - Sacto-based experimental/jazz geniuses

Undie Tacos - Sacto-area show listings, above and below the radar

SABA - Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

Some Band We've Played With:

The Moore Bros.


The Long Winters

The Radar Bros.

The Dead Science

Virginia Dare

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter

Barbara Manning


Dead Western

Graves Bros. Deluxe

The Universal Steve

The Feeling

Dearest, Crown

Knock Knock

Eat the People

The Four Eyes

Lyme Regis


Las Pesadillas

99 Tales

Jackie Greene


Mike Boner

Richard March

Acme Rocket Quartet

Tom Heyman

Golden Shoulders


The Cassidys


The Robber Barons

El Sonido

The Good Mornings

Man of the Year

Grub Dog

Zim Zims

Chistian Kiefer

Forever Goldrush

The Gammits

The Randies

More Carquinez-related cool:

Mike Geminder - Great design work and now he even has a letter press!





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