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San Kazakgascar has a new 4-song EP called Drought Times.  It was recorded at Hain's home studio and features some quasi-sitar slices of psychedelia. 

The Envelope Peasant and the Scientifc Orchestra (Harvester frontman Sean Harrasser’s solo persona) will be releasing a new album called Make a Home on May 19!

Speaking of Harvester, the album “Mt. Tallac” will be out sometime this decade. It will be the first Harvester release in a decade. Perhaps the Nude Scientist will be lulled away for an evening from the hallowed halls of academia for a CD release show?

Check out Jed's new occasional improv thing called Swimming in Bengal.  They've got shows and live recordings making the rounds...


The Scientific Orchestra.  Who farted?


**If you're looking for the Chicago-based Jed Brewer, you need to go here.  If you're looking for the Sacramento-based Jed Brewer, you're in the right place.**




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San Kazakgascar  "The Concrete Dune"

 "Mosquitoes & Gnats"

"Tuk Tuk to Nowhere" live

Envelope Peasant "I'm Not Afraid"  live

Lookyloos "Nobody Sends Black Flowers" live

Harvester "She Don't Mind That" , "My Buffalo Song" live, "Great Springwaters of America" live

Thornucopia "Death Spa" live

Carquinez Straits "Not Even Storms"

Graves Bros. Deluxe "Neurotique"



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Envelope Peasant & The Scientific Orchestra

Make a Home

San Kazakgascar
Drought Times EP








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