Photo Gallery


Harvester's short-lived 6 member line-up: Sean Harrasser, Terrance Wilson, The Mummy, Todd Steinberg, Joel Valder, & Jed Brewer. 1994

Sean leans into his hot riff at Super Winners Indie Fest in Chico.  What a sex pot!  1995

Harvester posing for Sexy Men of Rock Calendar. 1995

Kelly leads another one of his rooftop banjo lessons at Jed's place in Davis. 1995

Sean spilled scorching hot tea on his crotch just hours into our first tour.  But at least he reads!  1995

The photo for Harvester's aborted gangsta rap album.  1995

In search of Sammy in NYC.  1996

A Spinal Tap moment of clarity in Killington, Vermont.  1996

Harvester's little shop of horrors in Portland.  1997

Exhibitionism rears its head (once again!) while Harvester plays at a Univ. of Arizona radio station. 1997

Posing for the paparazzi in front of familiar tour stop Old Ironsides in Sacramento. 1997

One of Harvester's many shows at Portland's EJ's, aka "FreeJays". 1998

Harvester launches into 20-song set at 10-year anniversary show at Old Ironsides in Sacramento. 2003

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