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-the band-

Aren't we pretty?

jed brewer

Before Jed became a capitalist, it was about the music, man. Currently Lather's mastermind and Harvester axwielder.

johanna galos

Yin to the musical yang, supplier of sweetness and light. Would feel no remorse about kicking your weakling ass.

brian grattidge

Human metronome, gearhead and de facto roadie. Kept in line with threats of a drum machine coup d'etat.

john licatesi

Band clown (sometimes intentionally) and dispenser of "road sodies." Fuzz bass a specialty.

justin zimmerman

Brought a sound hewn in the cloistered backwoods of Vermont to the arid expanses of Davis. Set me on fire.

- b i o g r a p h y -

Davis, CA gives rise to thick tule fog in summer, cockroaches and cheerleaders in the summer, and indolent college students year-round. It was from that charged atmosphere that Thornucopia was spawned in 1988 by Jed Brewer and Brian Grattidge, trapped together in the windowless office of KDVS, the UCD radio station.

At its inception, Thornucopia's music weaved a dark, dirgey web that mixed singer Susan Voss' shimmering delivery with moody lyrical themes of fear and loss against a complementary musical backdrop.

In action at the Cattle Club. John is inexplicably wearing a dress.When the original lineup dissolved, Brewer and Grattidge eventually rebuilt the band to include singer Johanna Galos, bassist John Licatesi and guitarist Justin Zimmerman. In this incarnation, Thornucopia recorded its prolific (one CD and one 7") output still available in Lather's back catalog.

"Thornucopia have a knack for cranking out pounding, somber minor-key numbers that provide a moody framework for vocalist Johanna Galos to emote around. [They] display a fierce sense of guitar-driven sadness and rage, like Concrete Blonde or Thin White Rope." Eventually, Licatesi left, followed by Zimmerman; they were replaced respectively by Nick Frederick (bass, formerly of fledgling San Diego scenesters Pitchfork) and Guy Kyser (guitar/vocals, former Thin White Rope frontman).
This was to be the last incarnation of the band, for Thornucopia played its final show in late 1993. Members went on to populate other incestuous Davis and Sacramento bands such as Harvester, Tin Fed, Bureau of the Glorious, Beatrice Nine, the Mummydogs, Plow, Carquinez Straits, San Kazakgascar, and Little Henry Clump.

Available from Lather Records:

Dry July
CD; $10
Recorded 1993; engineered by Darrin (MC) Keatley; produced by Peter N. Lohstroh.
13 pop songs. The sound of guitars crashing on the girl next door.

Superman became a cover because -- hey, one chord; it was easier to play than Marquee Moon. Bric-a-brac dates back to the Voss era, and I'm a Freak was the band's signature song.

Dry July cover

"This Davis, CA quintet makes its full-length debut with a dozen originals and a cover of Robyn Hitchcock's obtuse "Superman" thrown in for good measure. Grafting Johanna Galos sometimes soothing vocals onto lethal doses of brittle distorted guitar makes a nice a la mode. "The Peacock Killer" is a hoedown spiked with clanging guitars conjuring visions of a roomful of reeling recalcitrants.  The slower, hypnotic "Quiero Fuego" and the near Gregorian chant feel of "Thorn Cafe Orchestra" display the band's strong suit: sliding from fast to slow seamlessly."

Lullaby/Wake Up
7"; $4
Recorded 1993; engineered by Darrin (MC) Keatley; produced by Peter N. Lohstroh.

Lullaby was re-recorded for Dry July with Big Twang reverb; this is the first, barebones version without the delicacy of the CD version. Generally how the song sounded live.

Wake Up was Johanna's cowpunk valentine and an endurance test for Brian.

The sleeping motif was coincidental but cool nonetheless.

Lullaby cover
"A fuzz-crusted guitar (that lilts on "Lullaby") and strong women's vocals are the basic elements that Thornucopia combine to create their ballads, which have all the clean sweetness of a steelwool pad. For those who like ballads that rock, not put you to sleep."-Alternative Press
Live video of Thornucopia playing "Death Spa."

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