Swimming in Bengal is a Sacramento, CA – based improvisational band consisting of Jed Brewer (guitar), Tony Passarell (sax, horns, bass, ) and Rusi Gustafson (percussion). The band takes some cues from South and Central Asia, but operates in a lawless no man’s land of droney psych.

Upcoming Shows

August 14, 2021: in Berkeley @ Highwire Coffee on their back patio (3pm)


Volume I on Lather Records (2014)
Insomnia Village on J&C Tapes (2015)
Ashes For Gwynn (Live) on Lather Records (2015)
Garden of Idle Hands on Baggage Claim (vinyl LP) and Lugubrious Audio (cassette) (2016)
Deeper Deeper on Lather Records (CD) and Lugubrious Audio (cassette) (2018)
Collective Elephant on Lather Records (2019)

Compilation Tracks
"The Twisted Manzanita" - J&C Sampler - J&C Tapes
"Choking on the Ashes" - Devil's Triangle: Vol 21 - KFJC

Hear some live sets

Delta of Venus in Davis, CA - 2013
Makeout Room in San Francisco, CA - 2014


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