The story of the Lookyloos started about 6 years ago in Davis, California. Originally formed as a side project, as Eric's band slowly drifted to inactivity, Paul's group abruptly crashed, and Dave's band maintained its slow steady orbit, the Lookyloos eventually became more than just a diversion.  An extended recording project began about a year later, the culmination of which is perhaps one of the most satisfying joys left to us in an age so limited and vulgar as our own-especially so to overweight, dead, gay writers. The songs are about lump-in-the-throat re-encounters with ex-lovers, the alchemic crafting of cashmere sweaters, a delusional wanna-be actress, an obtuse parallel between Balok and having a mental breakdown, Maurice Chevalier's pining for Claudine Longet, space and love.  The music comes from influences as far ranging as early '80s New Zealand rock, '70s AM radio, Eno, the Beach Boys, and the Television Personalities, to name a handful.  What ties this album together is an unabashed love for a sweet, artful pop tune.  This album is a collection of wide-eyed stares, gawks, winks, ogles and nudges, nods and waves towards an elusive art-pop gem.  

The Lookyloos: Eric Janssen vox/gtr, Paul Takushi drums/vox, Dave Thompson bass/vox.





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